Thursday, February 4, 2010


Inpiration can come from anything..

For me, music is a huge inspiration.
I can play guitar and sing moderately well. So when I hear a piece of beautiful music, it makes me want to make some too. And gets me in the mood to write songs. =)
I love the way music makes people feel. It can have so many different emotions. I love that. :)
I listen to a little bit of everything, honestly. :)
Some of my favorite bands are..

Death Cab for Cutie<3 - Oh my goodness. How do i even begin to explain these guys. If you've never listened to them you simply must. Such beautiful music. Some songs make me want to dance others make me cry. :) Pure beauty.

Florence and the Machine - Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. Her debut album 'Lungs' was my album of the year last year. I've had that CD in my stereo since the day I got it. No joke. Her music reminds me of fairytales and Alice in Wonderland.. :) <3>

Hollywood Undead! - These guys are badass! Haha very different from the previous two bands. But these guys are awesome! Well only if you're into the whole Rock/Rap. Warning, does include ALOT of swearing and crude lyrics. Haha but they're really cool. =)

I love Australian music! =)

Missy Higgins<3 - Saw her live back in 2007. Amazing. She's so talented and her songs are just the greatest.

The Amity Affliction! - An awesome hardcore band from Byron Bay. Saw these guys live twice last year and both shows were filled with heaps of energy.


Art is a beautiful way of expressing emotions..
Some of my favorite artists are..

Ben Zen :)

Courtney Brims -

Photography -
Photos capture moments that will never ever happen again..
It's just so pretty to look at.. =)


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